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  • Date of passing: 19 Aug 2023
  • Owner: Bohdan Vovkanych

Loved deeply by our family. Always made sure to tell you when he wanted something. Always greeted you as soon as he noticed you. He will be deeply missed by everyone who came in contact with him

Ben Franklin

  • Date of passing: 2 Aug 2023
  • Owner: Tasha Dobni

I adopted Ben Franklin at the age of 2 from the Regina Human Society in 2011. Ben was a special boy. His personality was larger than life. He loved spending time in his backyard soaking up the sun. Ben was Read more →


  • Date of passing: 26 Jul 2022
  • Owner: Emma Story

To the girl that will always have our hearts. Thank you for the best 17 years and for being our best friend from day dot. You are absolutely perfect, loved unconditionally, and will forever be missed. It’s simply not living Read more →

Ryder Kinequon

  • Date of passing: 24 Jun 2023
  • Owner: Brianna Kinequon

He was the best boy , anyone could ask for , he is deeply missed & our loved we’re deeply impacted from his loss , he will forever remain in our hearts RYDER BONES Loving , protective & the sweetest Read more →


  • Date of passing: 15 Jul 2023
  • Owner: Annie Pelletier

Jinx was a small little guy. Never met a cat so damn smart, he would listen and even learned a few tricks (with the big help of treats) but that didn’t stop him from being mischievous. He had a Chihuahua Read more →


  • Date of passing: 4 Jul 2023
  • Owner: Shay-Lee Jackson

As crazy and chaotic as she was, she was the biggest suck in the world. Just retired from being a service dog a few months before due to no longer enjoying it, but she was so much happier. Unfortunately she Read more →