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  • Date of passing: 1 Jul 2017
  • Owner: Auddie & Adam Temple

Jet, aka Jetlee, was dearly loved. When she came to our home she was a terrified 3 month old border collie who had no idea what a house was or what people where. She slowly came around and became the Read more →


  • Date of passing: 6 Jun 2018
  • Owner: Chris Taschuk

Cappuccino was the best looking cat we every saw. She was a pretty healthy cat and she spent a lot of time with us, as we got her and her sister June 2 of 2002. We decided to name them Read more →


  • Date of passing: 26 Aug 2017
  • Owner: Teena Foote

Your face caught my eye and I knew I had to have you. We only got 6 weeks with you in our lives but the footprints you left on my heart will be there for forever. Your purr was the Read more →


  • Date of passing: 14 Aug 2017
  • Owner: Judi Eveleigh

I found Bella at the Regina Humane Society in 2008. She was three years old and had already been surrendered twice. Our bond was instant. Within 2 days she knew her name . I didn’t have a lonely day for Read more →