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Please note: NOT ALL STRAY PET PHOTOS ARE POSTED ON THIS SITE. The Regina Humane Society (RHS) does not take responsibility for the accuracy of information. Please visit the shelter at least every two days to look for your lost pet. The RHS will do its best to help with your search, but as the owner, you are ultimately responsible to look for and identify your pet.

If you think one of the animals listed is your lost pet, please contact the RHS Lost and Found Department immediately at (306) 543-6363, ext. 196 or lostandfound@reginahumane.ca

By law, the Regina Humane Society is required to hold stray dogs and cats for 72 hours if they have no form of identification or 10 days if they do have identification – such as a microchip, tattoo or tags. After stray animals have completed the legal holding period, they become the property of the RHS and may be placed for adoption.

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