What are the Laws?


In Regina, there are three sets of laws that relate to companion animals.  It is the responsibility of every pet owner to be familiar with the laws governing pet ownership and care.

The Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan

The Regina Humane Society is the Ministry of Agriculture-appointed enforcement agency for the Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan, for the City of Regina. This Provincial legislation states that “No person responsible for an animal shall cause or permit the animal to be or to continue to be in distress.

Being in distress includes not being provided with adequate food and water to maintain health, proper care or shelter, and veterinary or medical attention.  In also not being protected from injurious cold or heat, and being abused or neglected. If found guilty of an offense under the APA, a person may face a fine of up to $20,000 and a lifetime prohibition from owning any animal.

Each province has its own Animal Protection Act legislation.

The Criminal Code of Canada

Section 446 of the Criminal Code of Canada relates to cruelty & neglect.
In the Criminal Code is it is written that “everyone commits an offense who”:

  • willfully causes, or permits to be caused, unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to an animal
  • abandons (an animal) or willfully neglects or fails to provide suitable and adequate food, water, shelter or care for it

If found guilty of such a Criminal Code offense, a person can be sentenced to a fine of up to $2000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months. The sentence may also include a prohibition of owning any animal for up to 2 years.

City of Regina Animal Bylaws

The Regina Humane Society, and its Animal Protection Officers, are contracted by the City of Regina to provide impound services and animal bylaw enforcement. City of Regina Bylow #2009-44 regulates offenses within the City of Regina, including animals-at-large, defecation complaints, dangerous animals, the types of animals that can be kept, and pet licensing.

You can learn more about the City of Regina Bylaw #2009-44, here.