The RHS Adoption Process


Approximately 3,500 animals are cared for by the Regina Humane Society each year. Many of them are brought to us by people who had good intentions when they first acquired them. This is why we cannot entrust their care to someone based solely on good intentions. We hope you agree with our efforts to ensure that we are placing our animals in permanent, responsible homes.  As such, all adopters are carefully screened. Random checks of adopted animals help new owners with any problems that may arise.

  • Our staff members know the animals and their personalities. We’re happy to talk with the public about the kind of animal they are looking for and the one that will be compatible with their family and lifestyle.
  • We invite the public to spend some time with animals they are interested in. It is mandatory for all prospective adopters to meet with the animals in a viewing room. We want to get to know you too! In the adoption interview, we learn about expectations, interests, and the lifestyle which will be provided to a companion animal. All this helps us assist in choosing a compatible friend.
  • Prospective adopters must speak with an adoption counselor and complete a questionnaire.
  • We look for stable lifestyles, a good pet care record, a willingness to spay and neuter, willingness to train, proper confinement and commitment to life long care.
  • We encourage the public to think about responsibilities before they adopt. Prospective adopters are asked to make a life time commitment to the needs of a pet.
  • Our work does not end when a pet goes home. We are committed to helping families establish a good relationship with their new companion. We welcome ALL questions and concerns.
  • For both animal and human health and safety, identification is required prior to conducting pet adoption meets.

NOTE: Spaying/Neutering is NOT OPTIONAL when adopting from the Regina Humane Society. The adoption contract is a legally binding agreement between adopters and the Regina Humane Society. FAILURE TO COMPLY IS A BREACH OF CONTRACT. The RHS can and will repossess animals who are not spayed or neutered as outlined in the adoption contract.

To adopt a pet, prospective adopters need to do the following:

  • Complete an adoption information questionnaire (Getting to Know You: Canine/Feline) and be interviewed by an Adoption Counselor.
  • Obtain the consent of all adults in your household.
  • Provide photo identification with current address. If you do not have your current address on your photo identification, you must provide a piece of mail with your name and current address.
  • Bring any children who will live with the pet for compatibility purposes.
  • If you are adopting a dog, bring your dog to test compatibility.

Please note that all adopted animals leaving the RHS must be in a suitable carrier or be leashed.  Please bring the appropriate restraint for your pet when taking them home.  If you do not have one, inexpensive carriers and leashes are available for purchase at the shelter.

These policies are in place to ensure that animals that leave our shelter have moved into their ‘Forever Homes’.