Pet Pantry

Taking care of over 4,500 animals a year is a big job!  Imagine what you might use every year to keep your pet well-fed, healthy and loved and multiply that by the thousands and you get a sense of what we need to take care of the homeless animals depending on us.

In response to being asked by members of the public on how they can further help, we have created the Pet Pantry. The Pet Pantry is a simple way for people to purchase a specially needed item for the animals periodically throughout the year. Here’s how it works:

  • You join the Pet Pantry by registering here or calling us at 543-6363, ext. 232
  • Your name then gets added onto our Pet Pantry list and if we need a specific item, we’ll send you an email and let you know
  • To ensure you don’t receive too many requests, we only ask up to 20 people at a time to purchase an item. Once you’re asked, your name is moved to the bottom of the list
  • In general the item will cost between $10.00 to $25.00. We provide you with an exact description of what is needed, the approximate cost and where you can purchase it. Item examples include cat litter, soft pet food or laundry soap
  • In some cases we have a need for higher-priced items such as Veterinary food which can range between $40.00 to $80.00. We recognize that not everyone can provide this so it’s a special opt in option on the registration form
  • Once you’ve bought the item you drop it off at the Shelter at our front desk. Bring in you cashier receipt we will also send you a charitable tax receipt
  • Leave the Shelter feeling like the hero you are for helping support homeless animals in our community!

If at any time you’d like resign from the Pet Pantry or are unable to purchase a specific item, you just let us know. If you live out of town or even across the world you can still sign up. Instead of purchasing an item, you may make a donation for the item’s cost and we’ll purchase it on your behalf. This can be done by replying to the request email we send.

To sign up please fill in the form below or give us a call at (306) 543-6363, ext. 232.

  • Sometimes we are in need of higher priced items such as Veterinary food for specific animals. Please indicate below if you would like to be included in these requests.