Every day, volunteers make an enormous difference in the lives of homeless animals who find themselves at the Humane Society. If you love animals and want to make difference, become a Regina Humane Society volunteer!

Become a Volunteer:

To become a Regina Humane Society volunteer please complete a printable PDF Volunteer Application or fill out an Online Volunteer Application.

  • Once your application has been received, we will contact you about upcoming orientations and you’ll be on your way. All volunteers must attend an orientation session.
  • Volunteer sessions are held most Thursday evenings.
  • Foster Family sessions are typically held once per month on Tuesday evenings as needed.
  • Each volunteer that attends a session will need to pay a $15.00 non-refundable volunteer fee at the time of orientation. There is no additional charge for children aged 12 to 13 who are volunteering with a parent or guardian.

Please note the following age guidelines for the Caring Hands program:

  • 12-13 year olds – are restricted to working with only the adoptable cats and must volunteer with a parent/guardian or person at least 18 years old. All parents & guardians volunteering with their children must attend an orientation before they are eligible to volunteer. A parent/guardian also needs to sign your volunteer waiver
  • 14-15 year olds – may volunteer on your own but are restricted to working with only the adoptable cats. A parent/guardian needs to sign your volunteer waiver.
  • 16-17 year olds – may work on your own with both adoptable cats and dogs. A parent/guardian needs to sign your volunteer waiver.
  • 18 years and over – must provide a Criminal Record Check in addition to signing the volunteer waiver. Criminal Record Checks are available free of charge through Regina Police Service at 1717 Osler Street.
  • Age restrictions for other volunteers programs may vary. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for further information.

Volunteer Programs:

  • Building & Grounds

    Volunteers help with yard work, landscaping, and the general upkeep of the building (cleaning, sweeping, and painting as needed). Do you like being outside? Is spring cleaning right up your alley? Are you known as a self-improvement guru? If so, consider becoming a building and grounds volunteer for the Regina Humane Society.

    This is a periodic position which makes it great for people who want to help our animals as their schedule permits. Every year we rely on volunteers to:

    • Clean and tidy our outdoor space in preparation for Spring and Summer (i.e. raking leaves, planting flowers and washing windows)
    • Assist with improvement projects inside the Shelter (i.e. painting, repairs and smaller construction projects)

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  • Caring Hands

    Show Humane Society animals how much you care by giving them special one-on-one attention as a Caring Hands volunteer. This is our most popular volunteer program.

    Even though animals are safe and cared for while they are waiting to be adopted, the shelter can be a lonely and stressful place for them. Caring Hands volunteers give our shelter animals love every single day until they are adopted into their forever homes.

    Volunteers can walk, bathe and groom adoptable dogs and walk and groom adoptable cats.

    Animals who are clean and brushed look their best when potential adopters come to see them, and animals who have gotten out of their kennels to play and exercise are better behaved.

    Volunteer Requirements

    Anyone 12 years old and older can become a Caring Hands volunteer. Please note the following age guidelines:

    • 12-13 year olds – are restricted to working with only the adoptable cats and must volunteer with a parent/guardian or person at least 18 years old. All parents & guardians volunteering with their children must attend an orientation before they are eligible to volunteer. A parent/guardian also needs to sign your volunteer waiver.
    • 14-15 year olds – may volunteer on your own but are restricted to working with only the adoptable cats. A parent/guardian needs to sign your volunteer waiver.
    • 16-17 year olds – may work on your own with both adoptable cats and dogs. A parent/guardian needs to sign your volunteer waiver.
    • 18 years and over – must provide a Criminal Record Check in addition to signing the volunteer waiver. Criminal Record Checks are available free of charge through Regina Police Service at 1717 Osler Street.

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  • Foster Families and Safe Places

    You can be a superhero and save lives by Becoming a Foster Family and providing a temporary home for animals in need.

    Foster Program

    No cape?  No superpowers?  No problem!  You can be a superhero and save lives by joining the Regina Humane Society’s Foster Care Program.

    Foster volunteers provide a temporary home for kittens and puppies too young to be adopted, animals recovering from injuries or surgery, pets that need additional socialization before being placed in a forever home, and shelter animals in times of overcrowding.  Fostering is one of the most important ways the public can help save the lives of animals who need more time or care before they are adopted. Foster volunteers must be within a 30 minute drive to the Regina Humane Society.

    Foster volunteers are provided with:

    • Basic training
    • All animal care supplies
    • Medical care and access to someone to answer all your questions

    Fostering is a rewarding experience and is a great volunteer project for families or individuals who love animals but cannot commit to having a full-time animal companion. By offering your time, love and home to a shelter pet, you prepare them for adoption into a permanent home as well as help prevent overcrowding in the shelter.

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    Safe Places Program

    Safe Places volunteers provide a temporary foster home for animals and peace of mind to families in emergency situations.

    A Safe Place is a place an animal can go in a time of crisis, when there is nowhere else to go. House fires or floods are just two examples of situations when Safe Places can come to the rescue.

    Pets are also not immune to violence in the home. Victims of abuse are sometimes hesitant to leave the home knowing their pet may be left behind. Safe Places provides victims of domestic violence a resource to ensure that the animal members of the household have a temporary, safe place to reside when fleeing an abusive situation.

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    Help Promote Our Foster Program

    To download PDF’s of our Foster Care Posters, click on the images below. Spread the word, download, print and post – at work, school, on campuses, in coffee shops, churches, halls – wherever they will be seen!

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    cat-foster1 dog2-foster dog-foster1 catfoster3



  • Humane Education

    Teaching students the importance of kindness, compassion, and respect for all living things is a great way to ensure they become responsible and humane adults.

    Education volunteers help by giving presentations in elementary schools and tours of the Regina Humane Society. Kids learn about the Humane Society and what we do, how to be responsible pet owners, and even how to safely meet animals.

    Education volunteers can also assist with Pet S.T.O.P. – a weekly summer youth program that includes games and crafts while teaching youth about animal related topics. You may also help the North Central community celebrate the seasonal wrap-up of Pet S.T.O.P. with our annual Animal Well-Fair, a large scale community event with pet care activity stations, games, contests and free pet supplies.

    An education background or experience working with children is an asset.

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  • Furry Fliers

    Want to help our amazing animals, but you aren’t sure how?  Be a part of our Furry Flier program!

    It is very easy to help. Simply print these fliers of adoptable animals and post them around your community to help spread the word about these amazing animals in need of homes. Coffee shops, staff/office rooms, community centres, libraries, schools and campuses are great locations for posting. Be a part of the solution to help animals find forever homes today.

    Why are these pets “Furry Flier” material? From time to time, we have pets in our shelter who need extra help finding their forever home. Sometimes the animal is shy and has a great personality hidden underneath, other times the animal might be a senior, or for some unknown reason they are just overlooked. Whatever the case, these lovable animals have a lot to offer and will make a great companion for the right person or family.

  • iPads for Cats

    iPad games that are developed for cats to play with can help stimulate cats mentally and engage them in physical play. Cats will get exercise and volunteers will have fun watching cats play!

    We’re collecting second-hand iPads that are in good working condition. If you wish to donate an iPad to be used for the iPads for Cats enrichment program please drop it off at the Regina Humane Society reception desk.

  • Kennel Support

    Caring for over 4,500 homeless animals each and every year means one thing – lots and lots of laundry!

    Our kennel volunteers help out immensely by aiding us with this one simple task.  Each and every day we do countless loads of laundry in our three sets of washers and dryers and each pair of volunteer hands helps us do this task that much faster and easier.

    If you’re looking for a position where you can volunteer as little or as much as you want while also knowing your efforts are critical in keeping our animals warm and healthy.

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  • Kitty Readers

    It is well known that young children often struggle with reading. The Kitty Readers Program helps children 7 to 12 years of age to practice reading in a fun and engaging way, while also socializing adoptable cats at the Regina Humane Society. The Kitty Readers Program involves a child and a parent or guardian sitting in a cat communal room or adoption room and reading, either aloud or silently. The calm reading and the presence of a child both relaxes the cats around them and also greatly improves the cat’s socialization.

    According to research studies:

    • Pets can be considered a source of support.
    • Human-animal interaction can make the learning process more comfortable and enjoyable for children.
    • Autistic children who were put in contact with an animal demonstrated increased use of language and had improved social interactions while with the animal.
    • They showed “sustained focus and maintained a higher state of awareness, as well as improved attitudes toward school.
    • Animals can be a non-evaluative presence that can provide support and comfort to participants without judging them.
  • Office Support

    There is so much to running a Shelter that people do not see…from stuffing envelopes to calling our adopters to follow up and check in, the office work never stops!

    As an office support volunteer you can help us and our animals by completing tasks which support communications, fundraising and adoptions.  The work is varied and our staff provides you with all the direction and support you need.  It’s a great volunteer opportunity for people who want to support our work without directly working hands on with our animals.  You can volunteer regularly or we can contact you when we have a special project that needs completing – the choice is yours!

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  • PetSmart

    PetSmart serves as a satellite adoption site for the Regina Humane Society and assists us in adopting hundreds of cats a year.

    PetSmart volunteers help at both Regina stores (located at 2810 Quance Street East or 4835 Gordon Road in the south) by cleaning kennels, playing with the cats and grooming them as needed

    If you are interested in this opportunity, our Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to set up a schedule that best fits with yours. Some people volunteer at the store weekly while others drop in periodically.

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  • Pet Therapy

    The Regina Humane Society’s Full Throttle Duct and Furnace Cleaning Pet Therapy program matches registered RHS Volunteers with homeless animals at the Shelter who then visit senior care homes and rehabilitation facilities in the City of Regina.

    The benefits of this program to all involved is immense – our animals benefit from increased social interaction and human contact, the seniors and residents benefit in terms of physical and mental well-being, and the volunteers express great personal satisfaction from seeing firsthand the interactions between all involved.

    The program has been in place for over 30 years and on average:

    • Volunteers complete 450 visits a year in total;
    • Cats, dogs and rabbits all participate in the program and are specifically selected for their temperament; and
    • We visit 40 unique locations (senior residential facilities and rehabilitation facilities.) Visits are approximately one hour in length. Volunteers are responsible for providing their own transportation and are responsible for the animal while in their care.


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  • Read & Relax

    People love to read and our pets love people. The Read and Relax Program allows our volunteers bring in a favourite book to read to animals in need of companionship. Sometimes the volunteers read out loud or sometimes they will read silently to themselves.

    Why Reading?

    In addition to providing much needed companionship to pets waiting to be adopted by their forever families, reading creates a calm environment for animals. Sitting quietly with animals helps prepare animals for ‘down time’ after they’re adopted. It helps to reinforce good manners, and that helps ensure their new home will be a successful one. Reading out loud isn’t essential, but it is especially good for fearful dogs who might benefit from a soft, soothing voice.  Human contact is the most enriching part of a shelter animal’s day – that’s why in-kennel human contact is so important.

    What our Animals Learn

    The Read and Relax Program teaches shelter animals to:

    • Remain calm as adopters pass through the adoption floor;
    • Enjoy the presence of a human without having to be the center of attention;
    • Develop exercise needs that are more manageable for adopters; and
    • Be accustomed to “down” time, a key element for success in the home.
    Volunteer Requirements

    When reading to the dogs, volunteers should be able to:

      • Enter the dog’s kennel only when the dog has four paws on the floor and is waiting quietly;
      • Ignore inappropriate behavior, such as barking, jumping, whining, etc;
      • Make good judgments about when to exit the kennel if the dog continues inappropriate behavior even when he is ignored;
      • Practice self-restraint in wanting to play with the dogs in the kennel or turn the focus of the R&R session into a highly interactive time with the dogs; and
      • Be skillful at politely addressing the public’s questions about the program or re-directing other questions to the front desk or a staff member.

    Cats in our cat communal also benefit from the companionship of volunteers who come in and spend quality time reading with them.

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  • Special Events

    You can help make our adoption and fundraising events a success and represent the Regina Humane Society in the community by becoming an events volunteer.

    We need volunteers to help with fun events throughout the year including:

    • Adoption Events
    • Dog Jog
    • Ales for Tails
    • RHS Telethon
    • Pet Pictures with Santa
    • Canada Day
    • I Love Regina Day
    • Just for Cats Festival

    Volunteers help by registering participants, accepting donations, caring for animals, and much more. Volunteers also help by answering questions about the work of the Regina Humane Society when we’re out in the community.

    Click here to apply!

  • Pet Pantry

    Taking care of over 4,500 animals a year is a big job!  Imagine what you might use every year to keep your pet well-fed, healthy and loved and multiply that by the thousands and you get a sense of what we need to take care of the homeless animals depending on us.

    In response to being asked by members of the public on how they can further help, we have created the Pet Pantry.  The Pet Pantry is a simple way for people to purchase a specially needed item for the animals periodically throughout the year.  Here’s how it works:

    • You join the Pet Pantry by registering here or calling us at 543-6363, ext. 232
    • Your name then gets added onto our Pet Pantry list and if we need a specific item, we’ll send you an email and let you know
    • To ensure you don’t receive too many requests, we only ask up to 20 people at a time to purchase an item.  Once you’re asked, your name is moved to the bottom of the list
    • In general the item will cost between $10.00 to $25.00.  We provide you with an exact description of what is needed, the approximate cost and where you can purchase it.  Item examples include cat litter, soft pet food or laundry soap
    • In some cases we have a need for higher priced items such as Veterinary food which can range between $40.00 to $80.00.  We recognize that not everyone can provide this so it’s a special opt in option on the registration form
    • Once you’ve bought the item you drop it off at the Shelter at our front desk.  Bring in you cashier receipt we will also send you a charitable tax receipt
    • Leave the Shelter feeling like the hero you are for helping support homeless animals in our community!

    If at any time you’d like resign from the Pet Pantry or are unable to purchase a specific item, you just let us know.  If you live out of town or even across the world you can still sign up.  Instead of purchasing an item, you may make a donation for the item’s cost and we’ll purchase it on your behalf.  This can be done by replying to the request email we send.

    To sign up please click here or give us a call at (306) 543-6363, ext. 232.

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