Faith Fund

The Regina Humane Society helps over 3,600 animals every year who each come with their own unique story.  For some, they are simply lost and we do whatever we can to return them home safely.  For others, they have been surrendered to us so that we may find them a new home.  But for others, they come to us hurt, neglected, abused or abandoned and need extra help.  It is for these animals that we created the Faith Fund.

The Faith Fund is a completely donor-supported fund that we access to be able to provide more extensive veterinary treatment to animals who require extra assistance in recovering from injuries.  Without this fund, we would not have the financial means to assist these animals as treatment for some can run in the thousands of dollars.  On average, however, most Faith Fund animals need about $500.00 worth of veterinary care from the fund to fully recover and then be adopted.

Our generous Faith Fund donors have provided assistance with:

  • Diagnostic X-Rays to help our onsite Veterinarians decide the best course of treatment;
  • Providing external equipment such as wheelchairs to animals with mobility challenges; and
  • Surgeries such as amputations, external fixators for fractures, orthopedic surgery, removal of severely infected eyes and extensive dental work.

While our onsite Veterinarians can treat many animals at the Shelter, we do access outside veterinary care as well.  Our aging facility and limited resources mean we depend on outside Clinics for x-rays, blood and other chemical testing and surgery.

You can help the animals who need it the most by making a donation to the Faith Fund.  Every dollar you donate will go straight to helping these animals get the treatment they need.  It’s not only a great way to know what your money is being used for, but a gift to the Faith Fund means you truly are saving the life of an animal in desperate need.

Please watch our video below to learn about one of the animals that the Faith Fund helped.

You may donate to the Faith Fund here