Working Cats

The Regina Humane Society’s Working Cats program provides cats previously considered unsuitable as house cats, the opportunity to live in selected rural farm, warehouse, business, or shop situations.

If you have a working operation or safe, heated outbuilding, there are cats who desperately need you. Working Cats will help keep down the rodent population and you will be helping them by providing them with a safe place to live.

All cats available for adoption through the Working Cats program are spayed/neutered, health checked, and vaccinated by the Regina Humane Society.

Donations are always appreciated; however, the cats will be available with no adoption fee* to individuals and businesses who agree to provide:

  • shelter in safe and heated barns, shops, warehouses or other suitable buildings
  • daily food and water – cats cannot live on mousing alone
  • long-term veterinary care, if needed and as required
  • a secure place to keep them for the first 2-3 weeks, while they acclimate to their new surroundings

We will discuss your specific situation and location with you, answer any questions you may have, and help you decide if the Working Cats program is for you. We will always be available for your questions or support regarding the Working Cats program. Our goal is to have both happy cats and happy adopters.

While Working Cats may not enjoy the company of humans like other cats, most cats do enjoy the company of other felines. We highly recommend adopting at least two Working Cats – they will have companionship and you will have twice the benefit!

To apply for a Working Cat – please fill out the form below.

*Applicants and adopters within the City of Regina will require a cat license for each animal at a cost of $20 each.