Safe Places

Research indicates that pets are not immune to violence in the home and that pets are often vehicles to perpetuate the violence and control in a family. Pets are seen as part of the family and victims of abuse are sometimes hesitant to leave the home knowing their pet is left behind.

The Regina Humane Society created the Safe Places program to ensure animal members of an abusive situation have a safe, temporary place to go. The program works in concert with other groups supporting victims of domestic violence such as the Regina Police Service and Social Services.

Safe Places will accept any family pet, at any hour of the day, when a victim of domestic violence is leaving, or has already left the home to enter a shelter environment.

No pets are to be brought directly to the shelter. The animals are not kennelled at the shelter. The pets are placed directly into Foster Care homes.

Pets are picked up directly from the safe house by Animal Protection Officers and taken directly to an approved foster family for care. If a pickup is needed outside of the Society’s normal operating hours, contact Regina City Police at (306) 777-6500. An Animal Protection Officer will be dispatched to ensure the safety of the pet.

The appropriate paperwork will need to be completed and signed by the owner prior to the animal being transferred to the foster home.

Foster Care Placement

All Foster Care homes have been screened by Animal Protection Officers. We strive to do our best to place the pet in a home that best suits both the pet and foster family. Foster Family information is known only by Animal Protection Services. Our office will stay in contact with the foster family passing any updates back to the owner.

What About Food and Care?

Special needs will also be provided for special pets. Whether the pet is a dog, cat, bird, bunny or guinea pig, adequate provisions will be provided to the foster family for the duration of the stay. The Regina Humane Society will provide everything your pet needs while it is placed in Foster Care.

Should any medical or temperament problems arise; the Regina Humane Society will contact the owner to discuss solutions.

Safe Places is intended to be a temporary solution. The animal will be returned once the pet owner has been able to make other arrangements.

For further information on the Safe Places Program, please contact (306) 543-6363 ext. 232.