Lost A Pet

Regina Humane Society Lost & Found Hours

Monday – Wednesday, Friday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday – 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Regina Humane Society Lost & Found Contact Information

Phone: (306) 543-6363 ext. 237
Email: lostandfound@reginahumane.ca

Losing a companion animal can be devastating to a family. Following are some guidelines to help you search for your beloved cat, dog or other animal. Remember to update your contact information for license, tattoo and microchip with the appropriate agencies, if required. Unfortunately, a high percentage of pets that reach the shelter do not have any type of permanent identification.




Step-by-Step Lost Pet Checklist

  1. Visit “View RHS Stray Pets” section of the Regina Humane Society website. This section is regularly updated with any stray animals that arrive at the Shelter. This area of our website is updated hourly. Record the ID number of any animals you are interested in receiving more information on prior to contacting the Regina Humane Society.
  2. File a Lost Report with the Regina Humane Society. It is best if you upload a detailed photo of your lost pet and provide as much detail about them as possible including tattoo and microchip numbers.
  3. Once a Lost Report is filed, a lost poster will be automatically generated on the Regina Humane Society (RHS) website for your missing pet. These are beneficial to hand out to neighbors and mail carriers. Effective lost posters and social media have proven to be two of the most effective ways of reuniting pets with their owners. While the automatically generated lost posters from the RHS are sufficient for handing out to people directly, it’s ideal to make publicly posted lost posters more colorful and attention grabbing. For more information on how to create an efficient lost poster visit  http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/recovery-tips/posters-5555/.
  4. Visit the Regina Humane Society Lost and Found Department on a regular basis (we recommend every 2 days) to receive a tour to view all Shelter pets. Keep in mind, the stressful shelter environment can cause any animal to become unsafe to handle inhibiting RHS staff’s ability to check lost pets for identification in order to contact potential owners in a timely manner.
  5. If your address or phone number have changed since your pet was tattooed, microchipped or licensed, ensure contact information is updated with the appropriate agencies.
  • Microchips: Contact the microchip company directly to update contact information.
  • Tattoos: Contact the Veterinary Clinic who administered the tattoo as well as the RHS to update contact information.
  • City License: Contact the City of Regina to update contact information registered to a city pet license.
  • RHS Adoptee:  Contact the RHS Lost and Found Department directly and provide updated contact information.

6. Create a Lost Profile for your pet and check Found Profiles at the following:

7. For species (dog, cat) and behavior/personality specific pet recovery steps, please visit http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/recovery-tips/ for comprehensive information on locating your lost pet.

**Note: By law, the Regina Humane Society is required to hold stray dogs and cats for 72 hours if they have no form of identification or 10 days if they do have identification such as a microchip, tattoo or tags. After stray animals have completed the legal holding period, they become the property of the RHS.