Cruelty Investigation Services


The primary role of Regina Humane Society Animal Protection Services is to investigate reports of cruelty against animals in the City of Regina and take the necessary steps to alleviate that animal’s distress.  While the primary objective is to assist animals and relieve distress, the secondary objective of any investigation is to decrease the likelihood of repeated abuse through education of the owner, cooperation, and if necessary, deterrence in the form of legal proceedings.

The Regina Humane Society is authorized under the auspices of the provincial Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty and to recommend charges to Crown Counsel for the prosecution of individuals who demonstrate acts of cruelty to animals.

RHS Animal Protection Services must follow a legal process in the enforcement of cruelty legislation. In order to appreciate what RHS Animal Protection Officers can and cannot do to assist animals in need, it is important to have an understanding of the provincial and federal legislation and the steps of an investigation including the collection of evidence, consultation with Crown Counsel, development of case summaries and court briefs as well as the court process and resulting verdict. The amount of work required to resolve one complaint can be enormous with multiple visits to a premise, the preparation of search warrants and court materials.

Every year, Regina Humane Society Animal Protection Services investigates an average of 700 complaints of cruelty and neglect in the City of Regina annually. This includes completing investigations, caring for animals in distress, and preparing charges. The Regina Humane Society does not receive any provincial funding to assist them with animal cruelty enforcement services. The Regina Humane Society relies on generous gifts from its supporters to ensure they can continue to help animals in need and end animal cruelty in our community.