Adoption Forms & Fees



Adoption Fees

*The adoption fee for a feline or canine pet adopted from the Society includes spay/neuter surgery, tattoo, micro-chip, vaccinations and a post-adoption veterinary examination at a local clinic.  The post-adoption veterinary exam includes only the examination.  Any additional vet treatments, vaccinations or tests completed during the exam will be at the adopter’s expense


Any reduced-fee adoption events do not apply to specialty pets.

Other Animals
  • Budgie:  $25.00
  • Canary:  $70.00
  • Chinchilla:  $75.00
  • Cockatiel:  $70.00
  • Dove:  $50.00
  • Ferret:  $35.00
  • Finch:  $20.00
  • Gerbil:  $5.00
  • Guinea Pig:  $10.00
  • Hamster:  $10.00
  • Hedgehog:  $35.00
  • Rabbit:  $10.00
  • Rat:  $10.00
  • Turtle:  $10.00

Getting to Know You Forms

Please note that these are not adoption application forms and should not be faxed or emailed to the RHS. If you wish, you can print them and bring them with you to save time. You can also fill one out at the Shelter. They are required to be completed in order to meet a pet.

Getting to Know You – Canine – click here
Getting to Know You – Feline –  click here

* Please note that pet meets and adoptions cannot be conducted within the last ½ hour of viewing hours and will be rescheduled for noon the following business day.