Kitty Readers


Does your child love to read? Does he or she struggle at times with reading? Either way – the Kitty Readers Program may be perfect for your family!

Kitty Readers is a program designed to help children ages 7-11 years improve their reading skills while helping cats at the Regina Humane Society. Volunteers, along with a parent or guardian, read to adoptable shelter cats either silently or aloud in one of our cat adoption rooms. A calm voice and the presence of a child helps relax the cats and improves their socialization.

In turn, the cats are a wonderful source of support for children helping them to gain confidence in their reading ability. Their feline audience doesn’t judge the child’s reading level or taste in books; they simply enjoy the quiet companionship. This makes the process more comfortable and enjoyable for children learning to read. By doing this, children are also better able to maintain focus and awareness as well as improve their attitude toward reading.

Please note that the following program guidelines are in place for Kitty Readers:

  • Kitty Readers must be ages 7-11 years to participate.
  • Volunteers are limited to working with adoptable cats only.
  • They must volunteer with a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years old. Adults must submit a Criminal Record Check. Criminal Record Checks can be obtained from your local police service. Please note that the Regina Police Service charges volunteers $10.00 per Criminal Record Check.
  • Participants will receive an orientation video and set of waivers via e-mail. Participants must watch the video orientation with their parent or guardian prior to becoming an active volunteer. Both the adult and child must complete a set of waiver forms.
  • There should be one child per adult so that full assistance can be provided to the child.

To register, please visit our Volunteer Registration page, HERE.