Adoption Army

We’re rallying the troops and need new recruits to be on the front lines to help find new homes for every homeless pet at the Regina Humane Society (RHS).

Our Adoption Army is all volunteer. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, choose your duty and we’ll provide the basic training!

Adopt   Draft a new furry cadet into your headquarters! 

Hire   Cats more suited to Varmint Control Special Forces than indoor cat duty are looking for assignments as Working Cats. The Working Cats Program provides these elite troops the opportunity to serve by patrolling selected barns, shops, and warehouses, and sweeping them clear of enemy rodents. All they need is a warm place to sack out, fresh water and rations, and a trip to the Vet infirmary when needed. 

Host   Dig in and host an adoption event! We will help you build your battle plan to find new homes for Shelter animals. It is a great way to add a personal and meaningful touch to helping the over 4,000 animals that come into the RHS each year. 

Enrich   Sign up for special maneuvers to enrich the lives of pets awaiting adoption. Volunteering to take animals for a march, R & R playtime, or making an arsenal of enrichment gear for them to play with makes the wait for a home a little easier.  

Foster   Some pets not yet ready to serve as life-long companions need support in the foster care reserves. A brigade of foster homes are enlisted to help young, fearful or injured pets get ready, willing and able to join their new family units. Foster placements last from a few days to several weeks and are a great way to enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of a pet, without the long-term commitment of adoption. It’s the best job in the world!

Name   What’s in a name? Everything! Naming animals that arrive at the shelter can be a monumental task and we can use all the back-up and re-enforcements we can get. Got a knack for naming? We want you! Roger that!

Share   On active duty on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites every day? Why not catapult a homeless pet’s chances of being adopted by sharing RHS adoptable pet profiles.

Showcase   Forward, March! One of the best ways to help a pet find a new home is to get it out in the field. Waggin’ in Wascana volunteers showcase our canine troops with regular tours through Wascana Park. Adoptable dogs sport extra special fatigues during these special op’s, identifying them as an RHS adoptable pets to prospective adopters. Who knew marching could be the best part of the Adoption Army?

Sponsor   Tap your reserves to pay a portion or all of the adoption fees for one or more animals. This helps some of our longer term and special need cadets get adopted a little more quickly!

Volunteer    A squadron of superhero’s volunteer for special duty during adoption events in the field at our Satellite pet store adoption centres and other locations.  

We salute you!   Working together is the best way to defeat companion animal homelessness, overpopulation and cruelty. We salute your lifesaving efforts!

If you’re looking to join, Email now!