Pet Friendly Housing

The Regina Humane Society (RHS) believes that if more landlords were aware of the significant benefits of pet-friendly housing, they would be more inclined to offer it. Rental housing that welcomes all pets, regardless of breed or size, is extremely scarce in our community. Pet friendly properties often exclude certain breeds, and may set strict limits on a pet’s weight and size. As many as 75% of renters have pets, so it’s no surprise that difficulty finding and keeping rental housing is a common reason pets are surrendered to shelters and rescues each year. We believe that people should never have to choose between their home and their pet and local sheltering organizations shouldn’t bear the burden of unfounded or overly restrictive pet policies. While “pet friendly” policies are a good start, we would like to see these eventually evolve into “pets are welcome” policies, regardless of breed or size.

The decision to allow pets, and what types of pets, is a complex process with many players including property owners, landlords or managers and renters. Many have accepted the industry definition of “pet friendly” and believe that restrictive or no pet policies are necessary for a safe, profitable property.

The RHS recognizes both the need for pet-friendly housing and for responsible tenants who acknowledge the privilege of having pets in their homes. By working cooperatively with landlords and tenants to increase pet friendly housing options, we can increase the number of people who adopt and retain pets – and move one step closer to becoming a lifesaving community. This will stop the flow of animals being surrendered or abandoned due to housing related issues. To assist with this, we have created a toolkit to help property owners and managers prepare for potential renters with pets, discuss options, and better understand the complexities of this issue.

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