Position Statements

Our Position Statements represent evidence-based views of the Society on important animal issues. We use these statements to educate and raise awareness to improve the lives of all animals.

  1. Acquiring Animals from a Responsible Source
  2. Animal Transfer
  3. Animals as Gifts
  4. Animals as Prizes
  5. Breed Specific Legislation
  6. Community Cat Management
  7. Companion Animal Training
  8. Confinement of Companion Animals
  9. Declawing of Cats
  10. Domestic Animals in Entertainment, Recreation and Competition
  11. Euthanasia
  12. Fee Waived Adoptions
  13. Identification of Companion Animals
  14. Keeping Companion Animals as Pets
  15. Non-Medical and Cosmetic Procedures
  16. Pediatric Spay/Neuter
  17. Regina Humane Society, Animal Research and Veterinary Education
  18. Selective Breeding Practices
  19. Sources of Companion Animals
  20. Spaying and Neutering of Companion Animals
  21. Species Suitable to be Companion Animals
  22. Wild or Exotic Animals in Recreation, Entertainment and Competition
  23. Wildlife and Exotics as Companion Animals
  24. Wildlife Management