The Regina Humane Society makes every effort to prevent medically and behaviourally sound animals in our care from being euthanized.

In addition, to reduce the causes for euthanasia in our community, the Regina Humane Society provides behaviour advice and support, provides subsidized sterilization for financially disadvantaged pet owners, educates the public on the benefits of spay and neuter and responsible pet ownership, and promotes the need for lifelong veterinary care.

The Regina Humane Society provides alternatives to euthanasia wherever possible, but will perform euthanasia to end the unnecessary suffering of companion animals when no other viable options exist, or when the number of animals being cared for exceeds the Society’s sheltering and other capabilities and all other care resources have been exhausted.


The Regina Humane Society does not have time limitations placed on an animal’s stay in the shelter, but does have space limitations on the number of animals it can shelter at any one time. So long as they are physically and mentally healthy and there is space available at the shelter, animals in the RHS adoptions area remain available for adoption.

The Regina Humane Society is an open admission shelter and accepts all companion animals, including those that are ill, injured, feral, and behaviourally unsound.

Each animal is considered for adoption on an individual basis. The role of the Regina Humane Society is to act in the best interest of the animal’s well-being, while considering the availability of resources and the safety of people and other animals in the community.

Animals are offered every possible and reasonable option for re-homing/adoption. These options include, but are not limited to, foster care, placement partners, surgical procedures that improve the health and adoptability of treated animals, socializing, behaviour intervention, and enrichment programs.