Fee-Waived Adoptions


The Regina Humane Society (RHS) is committed to finding good homes for dogs and cats. Successful adoptions are not dependent on payment of a fee. Fee-waived or reduced-fee adoption promotions have the potential to increase adoptions without compromising the quality of the animal’s life. All fee-waived or reduced-fee adoptions at RHS undergo the same adoption process as full fee adoptions.


Free pets are available from many sources in the community. By adopting from the RHS through adoption fee-waived promotions, pets entering the community are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, licensed and microchipped. It is a myth that fee-waived or reduced-fee adoptions will mean that the adopter may not provide a qualified home or love their pet. Just as ability to pay for an animal does not correlate to ability to pay for ongoing care costs, desire to access a free animal does not correlate to inability to pay for ongoing care costs.

Research confirms that fee-waived adopted pets are just as loved and valued as ones with a price tag. According to numerous studies:

  • Attachment to pets was not decreased when adoption fees were eliminated.
  • Eliminating adoption fees does not devalue the animal in the eyes of the adopter.
  • There is no difference in post-adoption veterinary care received by fee-waived and non fee-waived pets.
  • The surrender rate for adoption fee-waived pets is no different than that of non adoption fee-waived pets.