SARCAN Drop & Go

Donate the value of your order to the Regina Humane Society!

Drop & Go is a new service that is available at all SARCAN depots across Saskatchewan. It allows customers to skip lineups by leaving their order at the depot and getting their refunds transferred electronically.  And, you can designate the refund on your recycling to be sent directly to the RHS to help our homeless pets.

Follow these easy steps:


At home, separate your recycling – put plastics, cartons and aluminum cans into bags, put glass beverage containers into boxes. Don’t forget to include milk containers!


Visit a SARCAN Depot and look for Drop & Go.

1601 Angus St. Inside Customer Area
5000 Parliament Ave. Use Drop & Go entrance
2124A Grant Rd. Inside Customer Area
6175 Rochdale Blvd Separate Entrance to Right of Main Doors
2636 Victoria Ave. East Entrance to the Left of the Main Doors

For a full list of locations, click here


Follow the instructions on the screen. Type RHS when prompted to enter the group phrase. It is simple!


The amount of your order will be processed and paid directly to the Regina Humane Society.

The group phrase works at all 72 SARCAN depots across the province, so your friends and family across Saskatchewan can donate too!