Meet Your Match

What Colour is Your Pet?

Adopting a new pet is a big step. After all, you are making a commitment that could last for 15 years or more.

We understand that there are a lot of things to consider and you may have many questions going through your mind. While you might be looking into the eyes of what you feel will be a lifelong companion, how can you know if this is “the one’?

For example, if you are considering adopting a particular dog, you might wonder:

  • Is this the right breed of dog for me?
  • Will I like this dog?
  • Will this dog like me?
  • Is this the right dog for my lifestyle?
  • What will this dog be like as a companion?
  • What kind of energy does this dog have?
  • What kinds of activities will I do with this dog?
  • Would this dog be a good match for kids?

You will certainly have similar questions whether adopting a dog, puppy, cat or kitten as a companion pet.

While there are no 100% guarantees when it comes to animal adoptions, we can take a few steps that will go a long way towards a happy, long and loving relationship between you and your new pet.

Meet Your Match!

At the Regina Humane Society, we conduct personality assessments on each dog and cat that is available for adoption. Based on these tests, we can determine the basic personality type of each animal based on three colour coded categories:


Green – Life of the Party, Go-getter, Free Spirit

Orange – Goofball, Busy Bee, Wallflower

Purple – Couch Potato, Constant Companion, Teacher’s Pet

  • Couch Potato

    Like the easy life? Then I’m the perfect match for you. I’m a relaxed, laid-back kind of dog who enjoys long naps, watching movies, curling up on laps, and walking very short distances from the couch to the food bowl and back. (Internally motivated)

  • Constant Companion

    Looking for an emotionally secure, mutually satisfying, low maintenance relationship? I am all you need. Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever. (Socially motivated)

  • Teacher's Pet

    I’ve got the whole package — smart, fuzzy, four legs, love to learn and live to please. Go ahead, teach me anything. Sit, stay, balance your checkbook, I can do it all. Keep me entertained and I’ll be yours forever. (Externally motivated)

  • Wallflower

    WallflowerShy yet charming canine searching for patient owner with relaxed lifestyle. Looking for gentle guidance to help me come out of my shell. Treat me sweet and kind and I’ll blossom. (Internally motivated)

  • Busy Bee

    Busy BeeI’m a naturally playful, curious, and trusting canine. Take me for a big walk every day; give me something to do. After my job’s done, I’ll curl up in front of the fire with you in the evenings. (Externally motivated)

  • Goofball

    GoofballI’m a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and some time to spend with me. I’m a dog on a mission to please you. (Socially motivated)

  • Life of the Party

    lifeofthepartyI think everything is fun, interesting and meant for play, especially you. Anything you do, I’ll want to do too. With my own brand of surprises, life with me will keep you constantly on your toes, and the fun is guaranteed. (Socially motivated)

  • Go-Getter

    lifeofthepartyWant to get more exercise? Action is my middle name. My “Let’s GO!” lifestyle will keep you motivated to get outside and move. I’ve got tons of energy; and just like the sun, I’m burning and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I’ll run for miles, chase a ball for hours, and still want to play at the end of the day. (Externally motivated)

  • Free Spirit

    FreeSpiritIntelligent, independent, confident and clever, I prefer making my own decisions but will listen to you if you make a good case. We’re partners in this adventure. Treat me like one and we’ll both live happily ever after. (Internally motivated)


Green – Ready to Go, Bolder than the Average Cat

Orange – Confident and Playful

Purple – Quieter and Affectionate

  • Private Investigator

    private investigatorI’m working undercover to keep an eye on you and your household. You may not even know you’re under surveillance. I can vanish into thin air if anyone or anything interferes with my investigation. If you need a cat who knows how to stay out of trouble and will always keep your secrets, I just might take your case.

  • Secret Admirer

    secret admirerWhen it comes to relationships, I’m very level-headed. I don’t leap in paws first, if you know what I mean. But give me a little time, and then I’ll shower you with purrs, head-butts, and plenty of lap time. In the meantime, you may not see a lot of me, but I’ll be thinking a lot of you!

  • Love Bug

    love bugDo you seek affection? I do! If you also like petting, purrs, and paws kneading your lap, I think we might have a LOT in common. I’m looking for “someone who enjoys quiet times and togetherness.” Could that someone be you?

  • The Executive

    the executiveI have to say, I’m a busy cat. First, I’ve got to check out what’s happening out the window. Next, I’ll see if any closets or cupboards need looking into. And then there are my naps–can’t be late for those. I can fit a little socializing into my schedule. Shall we plan on breakfast and dinner? I hope you like kibbles.

  • The Sidekick

    SidekickLike all sidekicks, I’m just plain good company. I like attention, and I also like my solitude. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I’m no scaredy-cat, either. If you are looking for a steady companion to travel with you on the road of life, look no further.

  • Personal Assistant

    Personal AssistantYou’re working on the computer? Let me press the keys. Reading the paper? I’ll hold the pages down for you. Watching TV? I’ll just plop in your lap so you can pet me. I love an orderly household, don’t you? I’ll help you with all your chores, and I’ll help you relax when we’re done. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without me.

  • MVP

    mvpI’m a savvy cat who knows the score. I’m pretty unflappable, too. I don’t mind entertaining myself, but a human companion at the other end of the couch and a nice scratch behind the ears always make my day. If you’re looking for a resourceful addition to your team, think about signing this Most Valuable Pussycat.

  • Party Animal

    party animalI’m a cat on a mission: PARTY! I love to play and explore and test my limits. I’d love to play with you, but I can make a toy out of anything: pencils, post-it notes, potatoes. If you’re looking for some laughs and someone to liven up the party, think about inviting me.

  • Leader of the Band

    leaderI’m a cat who does everything in a big way. I not only like to be in the middle of things–I like to lead the parade. I’m an adventurous cat, but I’ll still make plenty of time to show you my affectionate side. I’m the demonstrative type, you might say. Want a cat who’s brimming with confidence? That’s me.

Each adoptable animal at the Regina Humane Society will show one of the colour coded descriptions on its profile.

To Meet Your Match, simply fill out a one-page questionnaire that will tell us what `colour` of pet is best suited to you, your lifestyle and what you are looking for in the ideal pet. Then, simply look for the matching colour when meeting adoptable pets at the Shelter!

Questionnaires are available at the Regina Humane Society, or you can click here for cats and here for dogs to get started right away to Meet Your Match!

Please note that for both animal and humane safety, identification is required prior to conducting pet adoption meets at the Shelter.