Kitten Kits

What is a “Kitten Kit”?

A kitten kit is required for each set of foster kittens that come through the doors of the Regina Humane Society. Each litter of kittens needs an array of supplies to ensure their success and comfort in their temporary foster homes.

By creating and donating a kitten kit you will provide needy kittens with all the items they need to grow up to be adopted!

Many individuals love taking the family to gather all the items needed for their kit to help save the tiniest of lives!

Essential Kitten Kit Items

Specifics of Item
What is the purpose of this item?
Picture of Item


Must be clear and quite large.

Ideal sizing is approximately 33 X 20 X 14″ or 50 – 70 L.


All of the items from the kitten kit will go into this tote (excluding cat litter).


Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)


Powdered form works best as it lasts longer and reduces waste.

6-12 oz (however any size is acceptable).


The main staple of all orphaned kittens diets.

Provided to all kittens until 4 months of age to help boost weight gain and ensure all essential nutrients are provided.


Two – three small kitten bottles


Must be small enough for a kitten (50 – 75 mL).

Nipple should be round, and short (avoid longer tips as it can be dangerous to the kittens).


Bottles help provide orphaned kittens with a way to eat that mimics their mothers nipple.

This is more beneficial than using a syringe as it allows the kitten to suckle only as much as they can drink at once.


Two – three Miracle Nipples


Miracle Nipple Mini and the Regular Miracle Nipples are both acceptable.

Can only be purchased online.


These nipples are created specifically for very tiny kittens to aid in nursing. Many kittens find the regular nipple size too large and will struggle to suckle.


Soft kitten food


Soft food geared specifically towards kittens is best.

12 – 24 small cans is a good amount for a kitten kit.


Kitten specific food has a higher fat content and more nutrients than an adult soft food.

Kittens start transition to solid food by using soft food.


Small kitchen scale


Must be small, and easy to clean (i.e. no small crevasses).

Should ideally read in grams, but ounces are also acceptable.

In order to ensure orphaned kittens are not being overfed (which is very dangerous) the amount of food they need for each feeding is determined by their weight. This weight is determined using a small kitchen scale.


Four – six  small metal bowls (non-spill)


Must be metal for easy disinfection.

Non-spill shallow dishes are perfect for tiny kittens learning how to eat.

Plastic isn’t suitable as small scratches in the plastic often harbour bacteria and viruses dangerous to the kittens.


Four – six bowls allow for the kittens to have multiple bowls in multiple areas if needed.

Bowls are needed for milk, kibble, soft food and KMR.


Small cat bed


Should be small enough to fit in the tote with the other items.


A bed provides a warm safe place for mom and/or kittens to sleep.


Two small blankets


Microfiber or fleece blankets are commonly a favourite among felines but most blankets are suitable.


Used for alternative sleeping areas for mom/kittens or to be placed under food/ water dishes.


Four – six rags


Must be clean.


Used for stimulating kittens, or for preventing messes during bottle feeding.

Can also be used to clean up any accidental messes made by the kittens.


A small unhooded litter pan


Litter pan must be small enough to fit inside of the 17 litre tote.  (likely the smallest litter pan that can be purchased).

Low sides are also important so that kittens can easily get into the box.


Will be used by the kittens to learn how to use the litter box.


A litter scoop


Small scoop is desired.


Used to clean out the litter box.


Non-clumping cat litter


Must be non-clumping as kittens sometimes like to eat the smaller, clumping types (which can cause health issues).

Does not require to fit inside of tote.


Used as a medium for kittens to go to the bathroom.


Cat toys


Clean cat toys.

Ideally plastic toys that can be disinfected and reused are best, but fabric toys are welcome as long as they’re clean.

Items such as pipe cleaners, mesh tubing, clean wine corks or plastic shower rings also make great, inexpensive cat toys!


Provides the kittens with items to play with.

Play is a natural behaviour in cats, and helps them develop their motor skills.


A small scratch pad


Any type of small scratch pad is acceptable.

Must be small enough to fit into the tote with the other items.


Scratching is a natural behaviour in cats that helps reduce stress.

By providing kittens with an appropriate place to scratch (i.e. a scratch pad) it trains them to use a scratch pad in their new home rather than other less desirable areas such as a couch.


A small brush


A small brush of any kind is suitable.

Best type is a small wire brush as they’re easy to disinfect and reuse.


Grooming will be a regular part of life for a cat, so starting grooming as a kitten helps them become used to being groomed.


Snuggle Safe heat source


Animal safe heating pad

Snuggle Safe heat source:

Is a small, microwavable heating pad that is easily disinfected and reusable.

Can be purchased online (Amazon).

Animal safe heating pad:

Must be waterproof and made for animals specifically.

Should be able to be disinfected and reused for multiple litters of kittens.

Provides orphaned kittens (who cannot regulate their own body temperatures) with a safe heat source.

Critical to ensure orphaned kittens survival.


Non-essential kitten kit items:

While these items aren’t compulsory to the kitten kit, they provide additional enrichment and comfort to the kittens which help them develop into happy and well-balanced cats.

A small bag of treats


Any type of treat is acceptable but smaller, soft treats are best for kittens.


Provides enrichment for kittens.


A small to medium sized stuffed animal


Small enough to fit in tote, soft, clean.




This stuffed animal is used by orphaned kittens as a means of comfort.

It mimics their mother which helps them feel safe and comfortable.


Petstages 719 Purr Pillow for Cats

OR similar item


Can be bought online, or in some pet stores.

Should be able to be fully submersed in water (i.e. machine washable).


Simulates purring of a mother cat (which they do to comfort and assure their kittens they are safe) and can be used as a safe heat source to warm kittens.

Can be washed fully and reused for multiple litters of kittens.




Can be bought online or in some pet stores.

Spray is best as it’s able to be used the longest, but all types (diffusers, collars etc.) are perfectly acceptable as well.


A synthetic pheromone spray or diffuser that mimics the pheromone mother cats create to assure the kittens they’re safe.

This reduces stress, and allows kittens to be more comfortable.


A new toothbrush


Must be new.


Used to brush kittens while they eat. This mimics their mothers tongue which comforts them, and encourages them to eat.

Can also be used to keep kittens faces clean (which often can get a bit crusty with milk leftovers).


A brush suitable for cleaning inside kitten bottles


A small bottle brush is most suitable (small enough to fit inside little kitten bottle for cleaning).


Kitten milk is a great medium for bacteria and viruses.

Ensuring the bottles are fully clean by using bottle brushes for cleaning helps keeps the kittens safe.


Kitten or cat specific shampoo


Must be made specifically for kittens.

The best type is a shampoo/condition combination.

Fragrance free dish soap or fragrance free baby shampoo is also suitable.


Orphaned kittens are very messy and often require baths to ensure they’re clean and comfortable.


We encourage you to shop for items at our Satellite Adoption Centres. You can learn more about them here.

If life is keeping you a little too busy and you would rather shop from the comfort of your couch, you can also donate items directly from Amazon.  Your donated items will be delivered directly to the Regina Humane Society!  To see our Wish List, Click Here