Choosing the Right Pet

So you’re thinking about adding a member to your family? Welcoming a new four legged companion to your household can be a lot of work, but by doing your homework the process can be smooth and rewarding, ending with joy for both yourself and your new pet. The Regina Humane Society offers you tips and advice to help you make the right choices when it comes to getting a new pet.

A new pet will no doubt enrich your life and, as a responsible owner, you will want to give your new friend the happy, healthy life they deserve. Before you rush out the door, there are some important steps that you will want to take. Unfortunately, new pet owners are too often swept up in new pet “cuteness” and fail to take into consideration important questions and recommendations that, can result in heartbreak, unexpected expenses and unnecessary stress for both the animal and you, the owner.

Considerations before adopting include:

  • Does this breed match your lifestyle?  For example, some dog breeds, such as Border Collies, generally require significant physical and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy.  This may not be the best match for a person who leads a more sedentary lifestyle.
  • Are you able to spend enough time with your pet to support a healthy relationship with him or her?
  • Do you have sufficient financial resources to care for your pet, including food, training, licensing, grooming, pet supplies and veterinary care?
  • Where will your pet spend time when you are away, be it for work or travel?
  • Are you prepared for a commitment to your pet that could last, depending on the breed, up to 20 years or more?

By considering these questions and careful planning, you will have the best opportunity for a long, happy and successful life with your new pet.

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Introducing a Second Dog to Your Home