Impounded Animals


Pets impounded for violations under the City of Regina Cat and Dog Control Bylaws are held at our facility. Please visit our facility at Albert St. and Armour Rd. or call 306-777-7700 if you think one of the impounded animals is yours.

Pets with identification are held for ten (10) days and pets without identification are held for three (3) days. If these pets are not claimed by their owners within this time, they undergo health and behavioral assessments. Animals that are deemed adoptable will then become available for adoption by the public.

Impound Fees and Board Fees
Any cat or dog that has been impounded under the cat or dog control bylaw will be subject to an Impound Fee of $35.00. If the pet has identification and is to be held for 10 (ten) days, the owner will be charged board fees of $20.00 for each day starting from the 4th day of impound up to the 10th and final day of the impound period. If the pet has not been reclaimed by the closing of business on the 10th day, it will become the property of The Regina Humane Society.

For example: Mrs. Smiths Bichon “Scruffy” was picked up running in the street and taken to the Regina Humane Society. “Scruffy” was not wearing a collar, nor did “Scruffy” have a tattoo or microchip. “Scruffy” is to be held for 3 days. If “Scruffy” is not licensed and not sterilized, Mrs. Smith will have to pay the following in fines and fees:

  • Impound Fee: $35.00
  • Running at Large Fine: $100.00
  • Failure to License Fine: $250.00
  • License for adult unaltered dog: $100.00
  • Total Fines & Fee’s owing: $485.00

BUT… If “Scruffy” had been sterilized and had a current license, “Scruffy” would have been eligible for the “Get Out of Jail Free” program, where as Mrs. Smith would have gotten “Scruffy” returned free of charge.

Please note that for their safety, all impounded animals leaving the RHS must be in a suitable carrier or be leashed.  Please bring the appropriate restraint for your pet when taking them home.  If you do not have one, inexpensive carriers and leashes are available for purchase at the shelter.