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In Memory of Coco Beano

  • Date of passing: 3 Jan 2024
  • Owner: Desiree Bilawchuk

Coco Beano was born 16 years ago, she lived 7 years with her first family and then was brought into my life when we both needed eachother and lived her life out with me until the end. Coco had a courageously loud bark for the little lady she was, and she loved nothing more than a walk or car ride where she could run and bark to her content . She traveled all over the province and explored many trails with her Mum and friends. Coco also loved nothing more than a short 10 hour nap and would also eat her weight in treats if she could. Most people thought she was a little too spoiled, but her Mum loved nothing more than making her second life extra special. Coco Beano, my furry best friend, I love you forever and cannot wait for you to run into my arms at the golden gates. đź’›

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