It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved fur daughter Faith on August 4th, 2022. Faith leaves behind her family Greg, Tina, Gavin, Theodore and her dog sister, Foxy. Our family was privileged to have Faith join us in May of 2010. At just a few months old, Faith was found under an RCMP police cruiser in northern BC and was taken to an animal rescuers home. It was there that we instantly fell in love with her fluffy hair and “wolf” like appearance. Faith was a gentle giant who loved car rides, walks, sitting on laps, pawing for pets and crying until she was lifted into the family bed. Faith taught us to be kinder and what it means to have reciprocal unconditional love. She used kisses everyday and was a puppy mom to our children. We loved her fiercely and unapologetically. Faith was diagnosed with Pannus an eye disease at 2yrs old and never lost her vision because of the great ophthalmology team at the U of S . At the age of 9yrs, Faith was diagnosed with Lupus and Hypothyroidism. Faith survived the next three years because of our dedication to providing her with the best care no matter the cost. Faith struggled with her health but lived a very comfortable life and was incredibly happy until her last few days. Our family would like to thank Lakeland Veterinarian Services and the 24hr animal hospital for their care. Our girl “Faithey” will be furever missed.


Flocon, you brought joy at home. Thank you for all the good moments spent with you! Je t’aime mon Chouchou!


Fred was a puppy mill rescue from Kansas and adopted through the Calgary Basset Hound Rescue. I was so happy to show him what it felt like to be loved. He is truly missed. I was so honeyed to be part of his life. He taught me so much.