Milly was born May 12, 2007 and became part of our family 8 weeks later. Milly was without a doubt the most sweetest, loving, loyal little dog any family could wish for. Everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her, and wanted to take her home. She loved treats and would twirl around and around when she was going to get one. She also loved her walks. She was 15 years old and 3 days when she went over the “Rainbow Bridge” and our home will never be the same without her. Milly Moo Moo, you will forever be loved and missed. We were blessed to have you for nearly 15 wonderful years. Sleep tight beautiful girl


Mac, you’ll never be forgotten. My heart aches without you. December 1/2021 Love you big guy!


I’m writing this because while it has been just over three months I still find myself missing you and saying your name because I forget your gone and I don’t know how else to let go. since you have left my world and crossed the rainbow bridge some days are easier than others. You were with me for five years and you meant the world to me. I miss you every day and so dose Bebe your bunny sister we love you so, so much more than words can express but im glad your not hurting anymore and that your in a better place. you will always be in my heart and with me for the rest of my life my little handsome boy.