Our sweet milhouse passed peacefully Monday 20th,2024. He was such a good boy, loved everyone he met, he was brought by Santa in 2013 for our children and he was loved every minute, we are so sadden with the loss of him. Milhouse “we love you, and you are a good boy” Chase all the birds and eat all the treats you can now.


Mocha was the sweetest, gentlest giant. She was the definition of a loyal dog. She was only 9 years old but unfortunately cancer took her from us. When I first got her from the humane society her name was “Neoma”. Losing her has been such a devastation, but I know she’s in a much better place.

Mickey Yake

Mickey (and his sister Cookie) came into our lives 13 years ago when Mickster was 3 and Cookie was 5.He and I immediately “clicked” and he stuck to me like glue. I will miss his trotting beside me when we would walk to his crate, and the way he muscled in to be close when I would eat something (anything) when I laid on the couch – he had a particular weakness for ice cream sandwiches. He was intelligent, loyal, and loved unconditionally.He was fearless, goofy, and absolutely crazy over carrots. I miss you, Mick. Rest easy my friend.