The Duke was my best friend. The ultimate gentle giant. I was lucky enough to be his final home, had his beautiful freckled face in our home for 3 wonderful adventure filled years. The ultimate family protector, never let his people out of his sight. But wouldn’t hurt a fly. His kitty dipstick is still looking for him nothing seems to be comfy like the big mans tale to sleep on. You healed my soul when I was broken I miss you.


My name is Daisy. I was born August 2nd 2021, I lived a short life but a loving, playful, wonderful life. I loved playing w my brothers, going outside w mom, dad & uncle. My kokum/owner loved me dearly and endlessly, I know it hurts her for me passing away in such a sort time. But I’m in a better place not in pain anymore, im w my two deceased brothers, & great kokum in heaven! Watching them from up above! August 2nd 2021 – October 13th 2021