Steve was one of the best cats ever, he was fun, funny, brave and was mean. He was the best cat any person could’ve asked for and Steve I’m so happy that you’re no longer in any pain. We love you so much and we can’t wait to see you again on the rainbow bridge


It is with extremely heavy hearts we announce the passing of our sweet Sophie on December 9, 2022. She came to us in October of 2011 from the Regina Humane Society. Truly the sweetest soul from the beginning, she brought us so many amazing memories, and we will miss her dearly. Sophie lived a long 11 years, and in her last year she bravely fought cancer. We were able to give her a final summer of rolling in the grass, laying in the sun on the deck, and patrolling the fence. She touched many hearts and will be so missed. We can’t thank the 24hr Animal Care Centre enough for all their compassionate care of our sweet Soph. We will see you again Sophie, and will feel your love everyday. ❤️😇🌈


Shadow was born in 2010 on a farm outside of Melfort. The minute we saw her picture we were in love. After making the drive to pick her up at the halfway point in Raymore, she became the light in our life. She got her name because she was always underfoot or right next to you. She was a lovable sweetheart that would knock you over and drench you in kisses. Her silliness was infectious and she was always the star of the show. She was also there whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on. She gave us 12 wonderful years of companionship and love and is missed more than we can comprehend. The loss has been devastating to the family. Shadow left behind her fur sister, Bear, who misses her more then we thought possible, her human sister, Ayla and human parents, Mel and Michelle.


We found Steve in the Flatlander yard on McDonald St. where my husband Mike works. I was there meeting him for lunch with our 3 dogs Jaxson, Oreo, and Freya. I noticed you stumbling up against the fence trying to find you way out of the yard. When I was approaching you I was calling out “Here Kitty Kitty” but you didn’t respond, then when I got closer and notice you weren’t running away like a typical stray, my heart sank because I knew there had to be something wrong. When I bent down and looked at your cute face I knew you couldn’t see me, and I wasn’t totally sure if you could hear me. But, I picked you up and put you in my jacket and carried you back to where Mike and our dogs eagerly waiting for my return. Once there Mike took a look and it was in that moment we decided to rescue you. We took you to two different vets, the first vet wanted to put you down immediately but we got a second opinion and we are so happy we did. After posting on social media trying to find your owners to no avail. It was after the 72 hours of not finding an owner we decided to keep you and we named you STEVE…. We didn’t have long with you lil man but, the time we did have with you will forever be imprinted on our hearts. To this day we can’t’ walk near the laundry room without thinking about you. We will always have you in our hearts and our mind Steve, You were one of a kind buddy and we will be forever grateful we found and you kept you as our own, You have forever changed up Steve. We ❤ U