Boots was the pet I never knew I needed. He was a companion, a confidant and protector. His life started as an abandoned stray kitten in 2002, and eventually moved into a warm house in 2005. In 2007, he entered my life and he’s been my roomie ever since. He was a diva, required filtered water, and loved his sour cream and onion chips, and chickpeas. He was a good boy. Cared for his girls and liked to beat up his adopted little brother. Our hearts are broken, but he isn’t hurting any more. Miss you and love you, little Buddy.


Bella, was a beautiful Bouvier De Flanders. As a little girl I was told ‘it’s your dog, you need to take care of her!’ I think they wanted to stress the importance of a family member/pet. It was a family dog. Bella soon turned into my mom’s dog. Bella, was meant for my mom from the beginning. Bella, was brave, kind, confident, sassy and beautiful. We feel so lucky to have had her in our lives. She lived to be about 12 years old and that’s incredible for larger breeds. We always referred to her as the ‘yellow puppy’ because the breeder had the puppies wear colors to tell them apart. Bella, was my mother’s ‘soul dog’ and when I say ‘soul dog’ I mean that they were connected. Losing Bella was incredibly hard on my mother. When Bella became ill my mother and father did what they could to help her. Bella, held on for another year after she became ill. She held on because she was not ready to go. She loved us fiercely and was not ready. She succumbed to her illness and was no longer able to fight. My mom assisted her Bella, and was by her side. The next morning my mother opened the window on the door. Bella, was able to smell the cool morning breeze and drifted off to the sound of birds. No death is easy, but a part of my mother went with Bella when Bella passed. Even years later the thought of her passing stings our hearts. We will always and forever love you, Bella.


As a constant companion and friend Buddy was the best. He was small in stature but big in terms of friendliness. He had a wonderful disposition, was intelligent, and loyal. Buddy started life as a city dog, enjoying daily walks around the neighbourhood. The second half of his life was lived as a country dog. He loved roaming around the pasture off-leash, chasing gophers, and riding in the tractor cab. Buddy got along well with other dogs and welcomed his “cousin dogs” into his house. Buddy’s name suited him perfectly. He was our best friend, and we miss him very much.


Biggils had the most amazing personality. She was kind and loveable. Biggils has touch many peoples hearts with her gentleness. Biggils was Born in Durban, South Africa, and when she turned 8 weeks she was on her first aeroplane to Cape Town, South Africa. Biggils lived a full live and she was never scared of anything. From planes, trains, boats, motorcycles, quad bikes to snowmobiling. Biggils did it all. Biggils also flew from Tanzania for a few months then back so South Africa. Biggils followed me where ever I went. She slept in 5 star Hotels, Boutique hotels and loved being in the car with me. She travelled with me and we we inseparable. Three years ago Biggils flew from South Africa to immigrate to Canada, where she loved the snow , doggy parks and road trips with me. Biggils developed a Lipomas (Tumor) growth on her right back side which became bigger and bigger and on Saturday Feb 5th, 2022 after a few times with vet appointments, the tumor burst and Biggils became very weak. Unfortunately Biggils had to leave for Doggy Heaven, she cried a few tears as if she knew what was going to happen. Biggils passed in my arms and was comforted till her last breath. Biggils was loved with every single bit of love I had through my body. She was spoiled, cared for and never ever had to sleep outside or without a full tummy. Biggils will be loved and missed forever. Biggils was my favourite Hello & my hardest goodbye. The only place I will bury Biggils will be in my heart.


Buddy came to us right after he was the greeter for Halloween in 2013. He was a little more than 3 years old. He still had the green dye from his costume on his fur. He was very intelligent, polite, quiet, and amazing with people of all ages. He gave us over 9 years of love and happiness. He journeyed all over Canada with us, and he attended a significant number of SCA events with us too. We miss him dearly but are extremely happy that he is pain free and at peace. Thank you Buddy, we will always love you.