Would Your Cat Love Its Own Catio?


Has your cat been itching to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine? There’s a purrfect solution – the Catio – a patio for cats that provides wonderful enrichment for your feline companion.  Your cat can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety!

While cats do love the outdoors, allowing a cat to free-roam outdoors presents a host of risks that can often result in your beloved pet cat never making its way back home.

These dangers include but aren’t limited to:

  • Fights with other animals (dog attacks, cat fights)
  • Cars and traffic
  • Poisonous plants or chemicals
  • Disease
  • Wildlife
  • Abuse from humans

Catios allow cats to spend time outdoors, without encountering any of the risks of being outdoors. Catios can be custom built, or purchased ready-made. They can be as simple as enclosing a balcony with wire mesh or they can be their own free-standing structure.  Some cat owners even develop elaborate tunnels and direct entry from a house window so cats can come and go as they please.

The best catio provides:

  • Lots of vertical space
  • Enrichment items such as toys and cat friendly plants or grass
  • Fully confined so the cat cannot escape
  • Access to both shaded, and sunny areas
  • Free access to fresh water


If you think this might be a fun option for your cat, check out this video for some inspiration!



Tazee – Tragedy to Triumph, Thanks to You and His Foster Family


Tiny Tazee’s life started with tragedy.  He was born during the final days of March, and while his own birth went well, his mom was struggling with delivery of a sibling and was in distress.  Unfortunately, the complication was too severe to his mother and the other pup, and sadly neither could be saved.  At just minutes old, Tazee found himself an orphan, with no mother to care for him.

The outlook for a puppy in this situation is grim.  But thanks to your support, the Regina Humane Society Veterinary and Animal Care teams were ready and waiting when he was delivered to the shelter. Newborn puppies require around the clock attention to  feed, clean, and keep them warm.  When their mother is not there to provide this critical care, humans need to step in.  It is always best for these littlest of souls to move out of the shelter environment and into a quiet home setting where they can grow and thrive. This is where the Society’s Foster Care Program comes to the rescue.

Two of the Society’s foster caregivers, Velda and Murray, immediately stepped forward to offer their home and their hearts to the fragile puppy.  Tazee is the 101st  animal that they have fostered since joining the Foster Care Program in 2008.  Each of those pets needed a helping hand to heal, grow, and in some cases, simply to survive.  We knew Tazee was in good hands.

In the weeks that followed, Tazee grew into a fine little puppy.  While he didn’t have his mom, he did have Velda and Murray!  At 8 weeks of age, Tazee was old enough to return to the Shelter.  To everyone’s surprise, Velda and Murragy decided to make their 101st  foster pet a permanent member of their family! We salute and thank Velda and Murray for their years of dedication and sacrifice to help homeless animals.  And, we know if the animals could, they would too.

You can learn more about joining the RHS Foster Program here.


Dog Park Etiquette

Off leash dog parks can be a great outing for you and your dog.  But, ensuring everyone – dogs and people alike – have a great time, takes a little consideration, planning and etiquette.

Do your part to ensure off-leash parks remain safe and enjoyable for all by following a few easy tips:

  • Watch your dog at all times when at the park. Off-leash time means your dog will interact and socialize with other dogs which can be a good thing!  Ensure you set boundaries for your dog’s behaviour with praise for good behaviour and play activities and clear commands should your dog misbehave.  Be ready to intervene should your dog show signs of trouble such as baring of teeth, threatening growls or offensive posturing.  City of Regina bylaws dictate that an owner must have full control of their pet at all times, either by leash or voice command.  This applies to off-leash parks as well.
  • Dogs play best when each has an equal role in the game. For example, one dog chases the other for a time, and then it is the others turn to do the chasing. If your dog is doing all the chasing, he or she may not be popular with the other dogs for long.
  • If your dog has socialization, fear or aggression issues, the off leash park may not be the best place to be until you have had an opportunity to work on these behaviours. There are many qualified dog behaviourists in Regina who can help you help your dog be his or best when around other dog.
  • Bring bags to clean up after your dog.
  • When using toys such as throwing ball or other toys from home, be mindful should your dog become possessive of it. This could lead to an unwanted confrontation or fight with another dog.
  • Be sure your dog is spayed or neutered. Free roaming pets, even in an off-leash park, can and do create offspring.  Ensure you and your pet are not part of the pet overpopulation problem!
  • If you have young children, you may wish to avoid bringing them to the park. If you do, keep them with you at all times and avoid giving them toys or food when at the park.  Many a child has been bitten by an over enthusiastic dog grabbing at a bag of potato chips or other food item in the hands of a child.

Have fun at the park, but be safe!