Scoot – The Tiniest of Patients


The “trouble” that kittens can get themselves into is legendary.  Most often, their playful antics cause little more damage than a tipped over vase or water dish.  When Scoot arrived at the RHS in mid-June, it was obvious this little fellow had run into some real trouble.  In the course of his short 4 weeks of life, little Scoot had managed to suffer a badly broken hind leg.  While we don’t know what caused the trauma, the break was serious enough that RHS Veterinarians felt that amputation would be the safest and best option for Scoot to help him on the road to a good quality of life with as little discomfort as possible.  So, at just 5 weeks of age, he became the youngest amputation patient our clinic has ever had.  The RHS Veterinary Team took wonderful care of Scoot from start to finish, and within hours he was up and about like nothing had ever happened (see the video below!).  He spent several weeks with a wonderful foster family before beginning another journey – to find a new home.

Having become a bit of a social media star during his time with the Shelter, Scoot found his new mom in no time, and it was off to more, and hopefully safer, adventures.

It is only your support of the Society that makes happy stories like this possible.  On behalf of Scoot, all the other animals who are safe and loved because of your support, we thank you.

Getting Ready for Surgery











6 Hours After Surgery