Homemade Cat Fun

Play is a vital activity, not only for kittens, but for adult cats, too. Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility. Nature made them into perfect machines for leaping, jumping, and dashing. Just because your shelter kitty’s don’t have real prey to chase doesn’t mean she can’t act out her inner predator.

Cats are experts at amusing themselves. It takes very little—a crumpled ball of paper, a pen left on a desktop, a newspaper spread open on the floor—to engage cats in what, to them, is the most fascinating of games. A cat’s imagination can turn almost anything into a wonderful toy that they’ll bat around for hours. Typically, cats most enjoy playing with small, light objects that are “flickable,” such as the items on the list that follows.

Why not collect 10, 20 or 100 of these familiar household items that will provide shelter kitties with a variety of toys to play and interact with. Please ensure all items are clean.

  • Milk Caps
  • Plastic Shower Curtain Rings (Dollar Store)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Wine Corks
  • Empty Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Dowels
  • Small Paper Lunch Bags
  • Empty ballpoint pen cylinders

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Catnip Sock Toy


  • Baby socks (BABY SOCKS ONLY)
  • Stuffing or fibrefill
  • Catnip


  1. Take a baby sock and fill from toe to heel with
  2. Add a pinch of dry catnip.
  3. Pinch the sock around the heel and ankle.
  4. Stretch the ankle and cuff and tie itself close to
    the heel. Done!