Would Your Cat Love Its Own Catio?


Has your cat been itching to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine? There’s a purrfect solution – the Catio – a patio for cats that provides wonderful enrichment for your feline companion.  Your cat can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety!

While cats do love the outdoors, allowing a cat to free-roam outdoors presents a host of risks that can often result in your beloved pet cat never making its way back home.

These dangers include but aren’t limited to:

  • Fights with other animals (dog attacks, cat fights)
  • Cars and traffic
  • Poisonous plants or chemicals
  • Disease
  • Wildlife
  • Abuse from humans

Catios allow cats to spend time outdoors, without encountering any of the risks of being outdoors. Catios can be custom built, or purchased ready-made. They can be as simple as enclosing a balcony with wire mesh or they can be their own free-standing structure.  Some cat owners even develop elaborate tunnels and direct entry from a house window so cats can come and go as they please.

The best catio provides:

  • Lots of vertical space
  • Enrichment items such as toys and cat friendly plants or grass
  • Fully confined so the cat cannot escape
  • Access to both shaded, and sunny areas
  • Free access to fresh water


If you think this might be a fun option for your cat, check out this video for some inspiration!