Traveller’s Unwanted Car Ride


This time of year, we hear many stories about animals left outside to face winter’s wrath. Traveller came to the RHS after experiencing not one, but two of the season’s perils.

In mid-December, the Regina Humane Society (RHS) received a call to help a tiny kitten found alone beside the highway.  Suffering from cold trauma and obvious injuries, she was rushed into the care of the RHS Veterinary team where it was determined her chin had been degloved. This type of injury, where the skin is torn away from the body, is extremely painful and frequently seen in animals with road injuries.  Sadly, she was either tossed from a moving vehicle or, after taking refuge in a parked car engine for warmth, was dislodged onto the pavement as the vehicle sped along the highway.  Found sometime later by a passing motorist, she was suffering from frostbite in addition to her injuries. Sadly, the cold had taken its toll, and she would lose part of one ear and the end of her tail to frostbite. Dubbed Traveler by Shelter staff, the little survivor was warmed, fed, and prepared for surgery to repair her lip and damaged extremities. After surgery, she was off to a loving RHS foster family for several weeks of rest and recovery.

If not for you and your support of the Society’s lifesaving services, Traveler’s young life may have ended that cold December day. Now, many indoor adventures lie ahead for her as she begins a happy new journey with a family to call her own.


Traveller’s unique smile