The Things We Have

Before the pandemic, things were moving fast. We were often too busy for hobbies, family dinners, and that phone call with an old friend that we meant to have. With the need for social distancing though, we’ve been given time to slow down. We’ve been granted an opportunity to reflect on the things we have.

Here at the Regina Humane Society (RHS), we too are looking past the chaos and uncertainty and finding the good. We see kindness each day in our selfless staff who are committed to providing the best possible care to vulnerable animals in need. Although we have paused our volunteer programs at this time, we know we have a team of incredible people waiting on standby, willing to help when given the opportunity. We have amazing foster families available to provide temporary sanctuary to animals in need of extra care. We have supporters that stand with us no matter how great the storm.

The RHS is very fortunate for the goodness that surrounds us, however, much still remains unknown. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, many revenue generating programs have been halted and events have been postponed or canceled. But the constant need to provide care for animals remains unchanged and with this, we need your continued support more than ever.

We recognize that life is challenging for many right now, however if you’re able to, please consider making a donation to the RHS so we can continue to do what we do best – improving the lives of animals in our community.