RHS Animal Protection Officers Seize Dozens of Cats and Kittens from Regina Residence

Seventy-nine cats and kittens were taken into the care of the Regina Humane Society earlier this month after being seized from a Regina residence by the Society’s Animal Protection Officers. Officers discovered the felines after responding to concerns of a possible animal hoarding situation. All animals were subsequently voluntarily surrendered by their owner. The pets were found living without proper access to food and water and among garbage, feces and urine.

After emergent care, including the provision of food and water and the treatment of any animals in immediate distress, a general health assessment of each animal was made. It is typical in similar situations for Officers to discover extremely ill, distressed or even deceased animals on site. Despite the deplorable living conditions, most of the animals had not yet deteriorated to the point of needing intensive care and gradually some were made available for adoption as soon as a week later. However, the sudden and massive intake of animals – in addition to the animals already in care – put significant stress on shelter financial and other resources to the point of exceeding capacity. With so many felines together, maintaining the health of each animal also became concern. Through extensive promotion, media support and a reduced adoption fee offer to help expedite adoptions, with the exception of a few still in recovery, the vast majority of cats and kittens have already found new loving homes, leaving their awful past behind them.

While the RHS provides enforcement of the provincial Animal Protection Act for companion animals in Regina, the Society receives no funding from the Province to provide these critical services to animals in need. The organization relies solely on donations from the public in order to maintain this service which comes with significant costs for officers, training, vehicles and equipment as well as housing and care of animals seized as a result of investigations.

Anyone wishing to help ensure the RHS is able to continue to provide this service in the future, is encouraged to make a donation online at www.reginahumanesociety.ca/donate, by calling 306-543-6363, visiting the at the Shelter on Armour Road or by mail at PO Box 3143, Regina, SK S4P 3G7.