Purrs for Kindness

When people demonstrate compassion and patience, amazing things happen.

It was a bitter April morning when two young men spotted a stray cat alone in the street struggling to walk. They became even more concerned when they saw a large bulge on the cats back leg. Knowing the animal was in desperate need of help, the citizens sprang into action. Armed with patience and a lot of treats, they were able to build trust with the frightened feline and persuade her to allow them to help. As soon as they were able, they rushed the cat to the Regina Humane Society for some much-needed medical treatment.

Her constant gentle purr, despite having an uncomfortable mango sized growth on her leg, earned her the name Purrsia. Sadly, upon examination and tests by the RHS veterinary team, it was determined that the lump was cancerous and Purrsia’s best chance for survival would be to have her leg amputated.

After surgery, Purrsia moved in with a loving foster family to recover and adjust. She adapted quickly to having three legs and became even more sweet than before. Being the happy cat she is, Purrsia fit in perfectly with her foster family. Together they enjoyed one another’s company and frequent naps on the couch.

Fully recovered and ready for adoption, it didn’t take long for a Shelter visitor to see (and hear!) all the love Purrsia had to offer. We’re happy to report that she is onto her next chapter in a permanent and loving home. Working together with our community of supporters,  we are rewriting the heartbreaking stories of so many animals in need to become tales of happily ever after. . .