Are you thinking of surrendering a mom and/or her litter of puppies or kittens? The Regina Humane Society may be able to help.

The Regina Humane Society is making progress in combatting the pet overpopulation problem in our community. However, there is more work to be done. To support our continued efforts, the Foster-to-Surrender program is aimed at helping families that have had unexpected litter of puppies and kittens.

Underage puppies and kitten are among the most vulnerable animals in shelters. These animals still require their mother for feeding and care until they are at least eight weeks of age in order to properly thrive.  Animals taken from their mother too soon or surrendered to a shelter when underage are a significant strain on shelter resources and ensuring good outcomes can be difficult.  These young animals often face an increased probability of getting sick or not flourishing in the shelter environment.

Finders or owners with an underage litter can be supported in caring for these vulnerable youngsters until they are old enough to be placed for adoption, typically at eight weeks of age. Those taking part in Foster-to Surrender will be provided with any needed pet care items and resources and may receive assistance through the Regina Humane Society Spay Neuter Program for mom.

The Foster-to-Surrender program will ensure the best outcomes for animals by allowing furry families to stay together until they are eight weeks old and allow for space in the shelter to intake them.

For more information, call (306) 543-6363, ext. 237 or email.