Oracle – Blind and Alone


One cold day in November, a kind citizen delivered a skinny orange kitten who he had found alone and shivering outdoors to the Regina Humane Society Shelter. But, something was very different about this young orphan. She could not see and appeared to have no eyes. Filled with fear, she would hiss and spit at any movement or sound in her most heroic attempt to scare off possible dangers. Unimaginable terror of the unknown filled her dark world. That she had survived alone in the elements was a miracle.

RHS Veterinary staff treated their hungry and cold pint-sized patient and determined her condition as Microphtalmia. Oracle, as she was named, was born with non-functioning eyes that are so small that it appears that she has none at all. For Oracle’s future to be healthy and happy, this courageous little one will need to have her useless eyes surgically removed to avoid continuing infection.

Weighing only .71 kilograms and ready to do battle with hidden threats at every moment, Oracle needs some time to grow, trust and see the world in a new way before her surgery can proceed. Step in RHS Foster Family to the rescue! Experienced in the rehabilitation of feral kittens, her new foster home and their big loping lovable dog Indie (click here for video) have helped countless spitfire kittens and young cats find their way to love and trust again following their tough lives in an uncertain world.

Oracle is doing wonderfully and is learning to play and romp just like a normal kitten.  Join us on Facebook in the coming weeks as we share her brave journey to recovery. We can’t help Oracle alone. Your donations give abandoned pets like Oracle hope and a second chance at life. She has a long battle in front of her, but with your caring and support, she will see a future that is filled with love and happiness. Help Oracle today.

Watch Oracle as she learns about the world through the eyes of her foster family dog Indie!