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In Memory of Snowball

  • Date of passing: 18 Sep 2023
  • Owner: Sheldon Jones

Snowball was found outside one cold winter day by our, at the time, younger Sons. Although we already had one more cat than we were allowed to have in our rental house (none, LOL), the boys asked if we could keep him. The idea weighed on us, but once he warmed up on my chest and started to purr so loud he squeaked, I knew that he was staying. He was named Snowball because of the season he was found & because he was mistaken as a girl at first lol! Very common with kittens. It was love for all of us. He loved to greet us when we came home from work with outstretched paws asking to be picked up, loved to cuddle & knead on us as we held him and had the best squeaky purr. He loved to try to steal our supper, especially any kind of chicken dish. He also loved to go out into the world on adventures by making a beeline for any open door, sending us on a run around the block or if he went on an extended trip, he always came home eventually. He even had a catio he loved to hangout with his fur family in but still loved the adventure or watching us chase him. He will be sorely missed by his rescuers & Dad’s, Brandon and Dustin, myself (Grandpop) and his Grandmama, Tammy. While he is gone across the Rainbow Bridge, to be with his brother Trapper, he will never be forgotten by us or the rest of his fur family Chloe, Simba, & Max.

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