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In Memory of Sassy

  • Date of passing: 23 Dec 2018
  • Owner: Jaimie Kopeck

Sassy came to our family a few weeks after we rescued her brother, Mittens. She had been rehomed a few times from some bad houses, so she was terrified of everything. She hid in closets and under the bed, and hissed at anyone that came too close. But I always knew there was something special about her, and never gave up. Slowly she started to come out of the closet to spend time with me, and soon she grew into a cat with huge personality! She would use her paws to hook around your arm, and meow loudly for what she wanted. She’d drink out of your water cup or the bathtub faucet. She picked her favourite flavours of Fancy Feast and would scream when you gave her the wrong one. When you would knit, she’d play with the yarn. When you went to bed, she’d jump on the counter and knock over food. She’d start boxing you when you pet her, and when you left on a trip – she’d pee in your suitcase. Mittens and her moved out with me and we had a few amazing years together, especially when we moved in with my boyfriend Tyler. He fell in love with Sassy, and she fell in love with him. She cuddled up with him, let him pick her up and hold her, and would meow for him to wake up so she could get his attention. It was like she had waited her whole life for him – she was my best friend for many years but she was always destined to be his princess. Sassy grew from a shy little girl to the most empowered and friendly cat around. She had a huge presence that we loved so much, and will always miss.

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