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In Memory of PIPER ♡

  • Date of passing: 21 Jan 2022
  • Owner: Sara Carr

Delivered to my doorstep, the most beautiful blonde kitty that never stopped talking! It was love at first sight. You were the coolest most unique most funny most bad ass most perfect for me. How am I going to make it through maple bug seasons without you? Hell even the bathroom is lonely without you chilling in the sink. Idk how to be ok without your demand for love time and your sweet sweet hugs. I miss you and love you. I’m so so sorry Piper. Your a once in a lifetime Piper. I wish so many things, most of all I hope you know how much you were loved and I pray for you to be at peace. You were more than just a pet, you were a gift and a reason. You were love unconditional. RIP my girl. I LOVE U

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