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In Memory of Charlie

  • Date of passing: 3 Jul 2019
  • Owner: Michelle Ileane Marie Burns

Charlie was a vey loving and calm fur baby and he was not only a cat he was my son. He loved to lie with his soul partner Lilly Bird and he loved sleeping with me at the end. He was a quiet baby that loved treats and his food. He let Georgie Boy take the lead as the strong male in the house but he still let him know he was KING. He loved bird watching and was always at the door to greet his momma when she got home from work. He worked hard at being a massage therapist when needed. He is missed and still loved so much every day by his momma Michelle. Till we meet again one day Michelle’s Dad up in Heaven is taking care of him. It was such a hard decision to let him go but he was ready and he still comes to visit me by jumping on his mommas bed. This was Michelle’s way of honouring him. We all love you Charlie and miss you. OXOXO

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