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In Memory of Bella

  • Date of passing: 9 Aug 2013
  • Owner: Bronwyn Huber

Bella, was a beautiful Bouvier De Flanders. As a little girl I was told ‘it’s your dog, you need to take care of her!’ I think they wanted to stress the importance of a family member/pet. It was a family dog. Bella soon turned into my mom’s dog. Bella, was meant for my mom from the beginning. Bella, was brave, kind, confident, sassy and beautiful. We feel so lucky to have had her in our lives. She lived to be about 12 years old and that’s incredible for larger breeds. We always referred to her as the ‘yellow puppy’ because the breeder had the puppies wear colors to tell them apart. Bella, was my mother’s ‘soul dog’ and when I say ‘soul dog’ I mean that they were connected. Losing Bella was incredibly hard on my mother. When Bella became ill my mother and father did what they could to help her. Bella, held on for another year after she became ill. She held on because she was not ready to go. She loved us fiercely and was not ready. She succumbed to her illness and was no longer able to fight. My mom assisted her Bella, and was by her side. The next morning my mother opened the window on the door. Bella, was able to smell the cool morning breeze and drifted off to the sound of birds. No death is easy, but a part of my mother went with Bella when Bella passed. Even years later the thought of her passing stings our hearts. We will always and forever love you, Bella.

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