Love is Blind – Misty’s Story


A petite and immensely friendly cat, Misty is about as playful as they come.  She loves to explore her world and bat a ball around a room like any other six-month-old kitten.  However, she is not like any other cat.  Misty came to the RHS almost totally blind.

Despite her young age, Misty had developed a severe form of cataracts – a condition she was born with. As a result, her right eye was blind, and her left eye close to it.  To avoid life-long complications from the condition, RHS veterinarians performed a bilateral enucleation – the surgical removal of both eyes.  Since Misty had not been able to see with her deteriorating eyes, not having them would change her day-to-day life very little, if at all.

The RHS Veterinary team tended to their small patient with the best of care and once the operation was complete, she was off to a foster home for several weeks of rest and recovery.

When Misty was ready to find a new home, she took up residence in Society’s large open cat communal room where she became right at home in her new surroundings.   RHS staff were thrilled that her playful antics and affectionate spirit remained as she pawed for cuddles at every opportunity and entertained everyone as she played with toys – always seeming to know exactly where they were.

Even though Misty is a true sweetheart, her special needs made her more difficult to adopt as many saw her blindness as a burden. Of course, that could not be farther from the truth.  When she was featured  on social media, RHS followers shared her story so it would reach far and wide, and, hopefully, the person who would become her special someone.  Then, one bright spring day, it happened –  her new family found her.  It was love at first purr and there was no looking back from that moment on.  Today, Misty has settled into her new home and is curiously exploring every nook and cranny under the watchful eye of her loving family.


Adoption day!

Exploring her new home