Lost for Five Weeks – Ellie goes Home!

ellie1In mid-September of this year, a beautiful tabby named Ellie went missing from her home in Swift Current. Her family searched endlessly for her, but as the weeks ticked by, they had all but given up hope. 

Five weeks later, a caring person found a cat in the Cathedral area of Regina, and took her out of the cold and to the warmth and safety of the RHSDuring examination of the cat upon her arrival at the shelter, RHS staff checked for a microchip and found one. When the ID was checked, it was discovered that it was Ellie!

Ellie’s family was ecstatic when RHS staff called with the good news that their beloved Ellie was safe, especially their nine-year old child who missed her cat dearly.

Dad Kirk made the trip from Swift Current to the RHS to bring Ellie home.

How Ellie travelled from Swift Current to Regina is still a mystery, but how she got home is no mystery at all – her microchip. Without it, she may never have been returned to her family where she belongs and is loved.

Every day at the RHS we are reminded about the importance of micro-chipping your pet. Sadly, many pets that slip outdoors or are separated from their family will never find their way back home. While microchips do not track your pet, they contain vital information that will allow shelters or veterinarians to learn who a pet belongs to if found and return it home safely. The RHS has seen a steep increase in the number of pets returned to their owners since micro-chipping all of our adopted pets began in 2011. It is the single most effective means of identifying pets and their owners.

Help ensure your pet has the best chance possible to come home if they are ever separated from you, just like Ellie. The RHS holds monthly microchip clinics on the last Thursday of each month, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. It only takes a few minutes and costs just $30. You can book your appointment at 306-543-6363 Ext. 233.

Oh, and welcome back home, Ellie!