Katniss’s Road to Recovery


When RHS Animal Protection Officers were flagged down one November morning, they had no idea what they were about to encounter.

A person had found a young cat, only about a year old, in terrible distress. One of her legs appeared badly wounded and the paw was dreadfully deformed. Upon closer examination, an elastic hairband was found wrapped around the leg so tightly that it had become embedded in her flesh and caused irreparable damage to the leg and grotesque swelling of the paw. We don’t know how long this beautiful and precious soul had been suffering, but it was clearly for some time. The pain and agony she endured are unthinkable.

RHS staff named her Katniss Everdeen after the Hunger Games character – a testament to her soft soul and spirited resilience in the face of such adversity.

Sadly, there was simply no way to save the leg and the RHS veterinary team proceeded with an emergency amputation to relieve her suffering and place her on a path to recovery. She is now healing and hopes are high that she will be able to find a new home soon.

How the hairband got there, we don’t know. What we do know is your support of the RHS ensured we were there for Katniss, just as we will be for the next animal who desperately needs help.


    Removing the elastic                           The elastic is finally off!


                           Post-surgery                                   RHS staff member offers
                                                                                          some comfort