Home-made Fun for Your Feline!


You’ve likely seen social media posts about the new “Assistants” we have all gained while working from home.  From furry bottoms occupying the keyboard to cat walks across our Zoom screen, we could all use some ideas about how to keep kitty busy during our workday!

Here are some quick and easy DIY toys from household objects you likely already have on hand:

Toilet paper rolls

Cut small holes in the body of the roll, put treats inside and scrunch up the ends for a quick and easy puzzle feeder.  You can even insert pipe cleaners for extra springy fun!


These can be made into safe and simple toys. Just tie them onto the end of a broken wand toy, drawer handles, or door handles.  They can also be braided to make wonderfully nimble throw toys!

Cardboard boxes

If you’ve had anything delivered to your home, you know how much cats love cardboard boxes. Why not keep a few around and make them official kitty kastles?  You can leave them open or close the top and cut a doorway in one side to make purrfect hideaway.

Paper Bags

With many ditching plastic grocery bags in favour of paper, there is a new opportunity for feline fun!  Just like the cardboard boxes, a paper bag tossed on the floor makes a wonderful hiding place and vantage point to secretly keep an eye on the room.


Grab two socks you no longer use, put one sock inside the other (you could even add catnip!) and tie off the end of the outer sock like a tail. This creates a toy for your cat to grab onto, kick and bite. Kid’s socks are especially great as they’re smaller and easy to play with.  You can also scrunch a bit of newspaper into a ball and place it in the toe, giving it some extra fun sound!

Plastic Bottle Tops

You’ll need four or five plastic milk or juice bottle caps, a straw and some twine.  Punch holes, big enough to feed the twine through, in each of the caps and cut the straw into two or three-inch segments.  Take about a foot of the twine and tie a big knot at one end.  Then, string one of the plastic tops on the twine and move it to the knot.  Place a section of straw on the twine and move it to the plastic top.  String another top on the twine followed by another section of the straw.  Continue this pattern until all tops and straw segments are on the twine.  Hang the string from an easily accessible spot to your cat, such as a chair or cabinet knob, and watch the fun begin!

Get more ideas for home-made toys for cats and dogs on our website here.

 Safety first – never let your pet play with new toys unattended.