Help Save Lives – Become a Foster Parent


There are many helping hands when it comes to caring for the animals who come into the care of the RHS.  Some of the most needed, and critical, are those of our foster families.  Fosters provide temporary, in-home care to pets who are recovering from illness or surgery, are too young to be adopted or simply need some rest and time away from the Shelter environment on their journey to their forever home.

Whether you’re fostering young puppies and kittens, providing a sanctuary to a feline mom and her kittens or helping a dog recover from an illness or injury in the comfort of your home, many foster parents have expressed that caring for animals in need is a highly rewarding experience that changes their life, and the lives of the pets they care for, at the same time.

As an RHS Foster, you’re never alone in your foster parent journey. We know that being a foster is rewarding, but it does have its challenges too. We’ll provide you with all of the supplies you need, a guiding hand and all the support you need to be successful and an awesome foster parent.  What we ask you to bring to the table is the willingness to learn, patience and an understanding of the potential challenges that fostering an animal can bring.  While most outcomes are very happy, on occasion due to medical and other reasons, things don’t go the way we all hope. But, knowing that you helped a homeless pet get a chance for a long and happy life because you cared, can be the best reward ever.

Becoming a foster parent can be a fulfilling experience for both the pet and the foster family and our fosters are true heroes and critically important to our ability to care for animals.  The RHS has the need for fosters of all kinds, ranging from those who are able to provide short-term care to one or two pets, to those willing to bottle-feed newborns or care for pets over an extended period of time as they recover from illness or injury.  Fostering is always based on the foster’s available time, space, experience and comfort level.

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